Nat’s impressive breadth and depth of knowledge are precisely the reasons she can uniquely offer me the kind of coaching I value most: flexible. I have a love for strength and skill-based exercise and motivation to train is something that fortunately comes naturally for me. The reason I value Nat’s coaching so much is because she can offer me the guidance and structure to help me train efficiently and maximise my results — something which is critical to my busy schedule. Above all, I value training that I enjoy, and as a result, my goals tend to change relatively frequently in order to keep a sense of novelty alive. Whether I’m wanting to focus on fat loss, muscle building, strength development or gymnastic skills, Nat is able to accommodate enjoyable programming for me that, without fail, leads to impressively efficient improvement.

I frequently recommend Nat to anyone that is looking to improve their body composition, get stronger or even just lift with better technique. When I see people at the gym with poor and unsafe lifting form I wish I could send Nat the bat signal because I know she could help them — certainly much more than the gym PTs!

Basically, Nat is awesome. Beyond her extraordinary level of expertise and professionalism, she’s simply a lovely person and I look forward to seeing her each fortnight for our check-ins. Of all the coaches I’ve had to date, Nat is head and shoulders above the crowd.