Ready to get body composition results through positive lifestyle changes?
Proper nutrition fuels the body and keeps it performing at max capacity. Knowing what it takes to create a working powerlifting diet is often confusing (there’s a lot of misleading info available).

We’ll help you reach your nutrition goals.

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Everything you need to energise your body, maximise performance and reach your body composition goals!
Your relationship with food and your daily diet has a massive impact on your body.

Learn what to eat and when to eat with our supportive and comprehensive nutrition coaching.

Our STANDARD nutrition coaching ($45/week) includes:

Initial consultation and dietary assessment

Find out how your current diet is affecting your performance.

Personalised performance nutrition plan

Get a nutrition plan designed to suit your lifestyle.

FORTNIGHTLY 30-min check-ins*

We’ll review your diet and make adjustments to your plan.

Calorie and macro targets provided

For lifters who prefer more flexible eating.

Meal plans provided

For lifters who prefer structure (calorie and macro targets also included).

Learn what your body is missing from the food you eat.

Learn what your body is missing from the food you eat.

Weight cut guidelines for competition

Know what you need to do to make weight. (Where applicable.)

*Check-ins are face-to-face or via Discord depending on your location.

Optimal nutrition results are built on your understanding of performance nutrition. Our role is to grow your knowledge with a focus on long-term, sustainable changes. No crash diets or quick fixes.

Look AND feel your best.

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Need more detailed guidance and a higher level of support to help you cut weight? Or maybe you are looking to get super human shredded. 

Sign up for our Comp Nutrition Prep.

Over 6-12 weeks, we’ll make dietary adjustments up to four times a week. You’ll send us your daily weight stats and we’ll adjust your diet to maximise progress.

When your comp is done, switch to our standard nutrition coaching to keep fueling your body for muscle gain.

Pricing – $55/week

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