Our online powerlifting program gives you the flexibility and accountability to fit your training around your lifestyle. Get maximum results by working with an experienced powerlifting coach (that’s us).

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Join our exclusive online powerlifting program for guidance on:

  • Periodizing your training
  • Improving your technique
  • Peaking for competition
  • Improving training mindset

Yep, it’s the same premium level of coaching as our 1-to-1 clients (minus our awesome fist bumps and celebratory dance moves).

We start with an initial planning session to get to know you better and get a better idea of your goals. 

After this session, we start you on a program with technique adjustments so you can start improving right away.

Now you’ll have confidence that you have solid technique, a plan that’s working for you, and a coach to support you.

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a woman smiling after finising a deadlift
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We’ve helped powerlifting and strength athletes across Australia accelerate their progress. We design our programs to fit you (not anyone else). So you get the most comprehensive and personalised powerlifting coaching experience without moving to Brisbane.

It’s also why we cap our coaching spots at 25-35 clients per coach – to give you the very best of us and nothing less. Our attention is 100% on you.

How your body works, your goals, and your lifestyle are all important to us. We look carefully at how it all fits together then program your strength training to suit what you need.

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Every lifter hits a plateau. They’re actually a good sign because it means you’ve made progress. Now you just need a little help to move past this point.

Lifters often get stuck when there’s an imbalance between recovery and training. This is the exact reason premium powerlifting coaching makes such a huge difference to your progress.

We review your programming and know what changes you need for your current situation. No template or one-size-fits-all approach beats a customised program.

Brisbane Powerlifting Coach, Natalie Kormushoff stands between two of her clients. They wear medals from their powerlifting competition wins.
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Why NEmesis?

Superstar Team

Our team of all-star coaches guide you every step of the way. No more confusion or wasted time with stopping and starting new programs.


Supreme Guidance

Powerlifting is a sport demanding constant improvement and solid assistance. We’ll help you make continual progress no matter where you’re starting from.


Super-Flexible Plans

Switch from weekly to fortnightly coaching and vice versa anytime you need to.


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Weekly Online Coaching – $62/week

  • Weekly Program Updates
  • Weekly technique feedback on your lifts
  • Peaking for competition
  • Access to our online Discord community

Monthly Online Coaching – $150/month

  • Program updated every month
  • Monthly technique feedback on your lifts
  • Peaking for competition
  • Access to our online Discord community