The Importance Of Mastering The Basics

Apr 20, 2018 | Powerlifting Basics 101

Anyone who has worked with me or been around me as a coach knows that I am constantly preaching the importance of building a solid foundation. Whether it’s calisthenics, weightlifting, powerlifting, whatever your sport of choice, mastering the basics is key to becoming a successful athlete.

This might seem obvious to some but to others it is not so, if you are sitting there scratching your head, think about it this way – How are you supposed to perform a muscle up if your pull ups are crap and your dips are crap?

Anyone can look up how to do a muscle up online. There are tons of tutorials. Anyone can understand the mechanics behind how a muscle up is executed, it’s not super scientific stuff. However, not everyone has the work ethic or is willing to put in the time to build the strength to perform a muscle up.

Whatever your fitness goals may be, figure out what the basics are first. If it’s a muscle up, break it down into the three components: pull, transition, and push. If it’s squatting some mind blowing amount of weight, start with just the bar and movement pattern. Drill these basic elements until you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Too often people confuse the word ‘basic’ with ‘easy’ but they are by no means the same thing. Committing to your craft and mastering foundational movements is never easy. It takes a lot of time, consistency, and hard work. Maybe it might seem tedious drilling the same things over and over but you will be a better and stronger athlete in the long run.

So, if your ego is telling you to jump the gun and keep trying for a muscle up even though your pull-ups could use work, or to go straight to heavy squatting weight, take a step back and think about the big picture and your long term goals.